SINTEF successfully produced Al with Sc by electrolysis

SINTEF has demonstrated the direct production of Al with ~ 2wt% Sc by electrolysis from a cryolite melt with Al2O3 and Sc2O3 as feed material, obtaining current efficiencies in the range of 85-90%. The trials were carried in electrolytic cells using a horizontal electrode arrangement, as in the Hall-Heroult primary aluminium production process. Thus, dedicated electrolytic cells in the aluminium

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KBM demonstrates Al-Sc 3D printing with SCALE alloy

Following the successful demonstration of Al-Sc alloy production at LCM, KBM proceeded with a demonstration of the additive manufacturing technology. Al-Sc master alloy was processed at KBM cast house to produce SCALM alloy (Al-Sc-Mg). The SCALM alloy was atomized,  i.e. transformed into metallic powder, which in turn was used to fuel a lazer 3D printer. The  resulting model depicts landmarks

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